Friday, September 9, 2011

Las Cataratas del Iguazu

My partner in crime, Anne - on the bus to the falls!

Las Cataratas were incredible! Pictures/words just can't do it justice - you need to be there to really experience them. By far the most fun adventure I've been on thus far! 

We even took a less-traveled trail to this smaller waterfall to swim in and explore more nature. :) 

Simply. Amazing. Trip.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pictures sum it up better...

I'm sorry for the long wait! I've been incredibly busy with my internship, studying and practicing Spanish, and making friends along the way. To sum it up better, here a few pictures (not necessarily in order):

Sharing mate with friends from CUI (Centro Universitario de Idiomas)

Almost as soon as I arrived, I got to try mate with the coordinator (Mariana) and her friends. I've really grown to like it, and I've already bought a mate (gourd) to use back in the states. :)
This picture was taken at La Boca ('the mouth' of the river and first harbor for the immigrants back in the day) 

Nico (another coordinator for Panrimo) y yo en La Pampa

The trip to La Pampa was a much needed 'get away' from the city - it was great! I rode this horse (named "Amigo"), and saw so many cows and fields! The fresh air was great, and got some much needed rest. :)

Casa Rosada a.k.a. The Pink House

One great thing about Buenos Aires is that it is so walk-able, especially from where I live (Junin y Corrientes). And there are so many awesome buildings to see right around the corner! I'm only about 10ish blocks from the Obelisco and Casa Rosada is a skip and jump from 9 de Julio. I can walk to and from work everyday, and get some exercise in without having to go to a gym. ;)

Last, but definitely not least. I've made some great friends here! People here are so willing to help you and talk to you - even if your Spanish is horrible. :P This picture was taken in La Boca as well. Our Spanish class went to La Boca together as a cultural activity. Charlotte (the one next to me) and I have really clicked, and I'll be sad to leave her. But she'll be living here for 2 years or so. This means I'm definitely coming back to see her and the city. I only have a week left, and I already miss it!!!

Now I must be off. I'm meeting Charlotte and Alex for lunch before Alex leaves for the states! I'll update the blog as soon as I come back from Iguazu Falls this weekend! 

Chau! Besos y abrazos!