Monday, July 18, 2011

In Flight (and Airports)

It’s been a long few days. My flight was cancelled Saturday night and rescheduled for Sunday at noon. The upside: I got an awesome hotel room and an excellent free breakfast. As I waited for my flight, for the second time, I finally began to get excited (instead of nervous). The Porteños I saw at the airport seemed nice, and besides being a bit upset at first, seemed happy the next day (we all clapped several times; before the flight, as we took off, and when we finally landed in BA). 

One funny thing I found out was that someone (perhaps a Porteño) thought that the cancellation of the flight was a conspiracy, and that the French took the airplane we were supposed to be on, haha. A woman I met waiting for the shuttle to the hotel told me this, right after a spirited conversation with a flight attendant in Spanish was finished near us. The woman lives in NJ but is Latin American, and was only going to BA for a couple days for work. She was bummed that she couldn’t see more of the city. We chatted for a bit. And it wasn't just me. Everyone was sharing in this experience, and it was great to see the camaraderie between all of us. We were all in the same boat. We were all late for something. But I didn’t mind at all! A great (free) hotel with very fluffy pillows and an excellent breakfast, and I was ready for a long flight (unlike Saturday, when I sat in the airport for a solid 9 hours, and was already quite tired from the night before). 

Finally, on Sunday, when the airplane lifted off the ground, I smiled (well, maybe I grimaced - not too keen on the take-off and landing part). Either way, I was about to start a great adventure! Midway through the flight, I took a long nap and dreamed of travels and adventures. I was dreaming to create...and now as my internship starts - it seems more like a reality! :-)

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