Monday, June 6, 2011

Researching Frenzy

As I begin to research Buenos Aires, I have already stumbled upon some interweb gems. A native blogger regularly posts information about events, places, and accommodations in BA, and an expat blogger gives great advice and information about BA, especially from a newcomers perspective. Lonely planet and Tripadvisor offer even more information about entertainment, activities, restaurants, sights, and more - both excellent sources. There's even a NY Times webpage about Travel in Buenos Aires, which includes articles about the city and culture.

So far, I've found out the The Rural Exhibition will be happening in July/August, and the Copa America will be in Argentina this July. I'm hoping to glimpse some of these events, and am already planning on visiting the Museo Evita [4 pesos, or 22 pesos with a guided tour], and the Teatro Colon (guided tours, 60 pesos).

There is more to research, but until then...dream to create.

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