Thursday, June 2, 2011

Internship in Buenos Aires

This summer, in July, I will be traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina for a two-month internship. I already have an offer from a language school, my primary responsibilites being to market and advertise their Spanish programs through online communication. I am waiting for the second offer, but really I am looking forward to any internship I am offered and the experience of a lifetime. Even though I am slightly nervous, I know that this internship abroad will bring me new insights, for my career and my future.

Before I make the trip, I will also need to have a grasp of the language. Throughout June, I will be studying up on Spanish (a language I have not officially studied since high school) - and trying to get a grasp of the basics before heading to BA. Thankfully, I will be taking a language course there as well. And being in a Spanish speaking country will give me the practice I need to really learn and speak the language.

In addition to this wonderful experience, I will also have responsibilities back in the states. I am a web coordinator for a race event, so I will be communicating via email and skype in order to update that website from BA. As for my academic responsibilities, I will be communicating with my thesis advisor and other connections for my master's thesis. My research revolves around study abroad programs, specifically short stays. I have sent out a pre-survey and am waiting until the end of the summer for my post-survey, which are being sent out to students who are participating in short summer stays. The purpose of this study is to see whether students have really had the opportunity to adapt and become less apprehensive after a short summer program. I am very interested in the results, as is my university's study abroad office staff. If interested in more information pertaining to my study, follow me and leave a comment! :)

Until the next post, dream to create!

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